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Occupy Columbus: Bayless Family Calls for Action

OccupyOurHomes on January 03, 2012
Posted in: Home Defense

Brian Bayless of Delaware, Ohio took action last month and with the help of Occupy Columbus, Occupy Cleveland, the Ohio Fraudclosure Blog, and his attorney were able to temporarily stop the eviction. But now the Bayless family needs help to permanently stay in their home. Brian Bayless released this statement asking for help from the Occupy community and housing activists nationwide:


Hello All, 

If there ever was a time in which we needed your help and the help of your network of friends, it is right now.  Our foreclosure battle has grown so much bigger than just our family, and we feel that we could be very close to helping to turn the tide on the FRAUDclosures that are occurring in our town, our state, and our country.  We’re ready to step out on faith and make another push to "right the wrong" and remain in our home. 

Since the “moratorium” has officially ended, we are concerned that US BANK and/or Wells Fargo thugs will be on the hunt again at any time to kick us to the curb, despite our continuing legal battle in the courts.   I’m sure that most of us will be sleeping very lightly tonight, wondering what the morning will bring. 

I can never fully express my thanks for what you have all done, and what you, with the help of your friends and contacts, will continue to do on behalf of my family.  We didn’t choose this battle, it chose us.  That being said, we want to continue to stand strong in the face of adversity on behalf of not only our family, but others in similar situations…and those who are yet to be served by bailed out banksters.    

God willing, and with a strong surge of public outcry, we can change the course of the foreclosure fraud pattern for everyone.  Thanks for coming alongside us in this critical moment.   


Brian Bayless and Family  

Take action to support the Bayless family - see bank contact information below:

Ohio News Advisory Final Release