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Atlanta: Victory! Tacco and Family Find Secure Home

OccupyOurHomes on July 28, 2012
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Great news from Occupy Our Homes Atlanta:

Just one month ago Tacco Cullins, single mother of 11, faced homelessness after being scammed into substandard and dangerous living conditions by a fake landlord. With no public housing in Atlanta, a moratorium on section 8 housing vouchers, and no organizations able or willing to take on a family of 12 in crisis, Tacco had almost nowhere to turn. After reaching out to Occupy Our Homes Atlanta, Tacco decided to fight for fair housing for her children and for herself.

Countless press interviews, phone calls, fundraisers, and community meetings later, enough money was raised to get Tacco into quality, safe housing that she and her family deserve. After much public pressure it also looks like the Atlanta Housing Authority might temporarily end the section 8 freeze in order to grant the Cullins family an emergency voucher.

Occupy Our Homes Atlanta is excited about this new start for Tacco and her family, but we are even more ecstatic that she committed to join our ranks for the long haul. Tacco is ready to give back to her community by fighting with others to defend their homes. The Cullins family will host a victory party on Saturday, August 4, at 2:00pm at their new home at 2259 Polar Rock Terrace.
Tacco asks that if you cannot make it to the victory party, that you celebrate with her by supporting the ongoing work of Occupy Our Homes Atlanta.

This campaign brought a diverse group of individuals and organizers together. Forever thanks to "Able" Mable Thomas, Atlanta Travelers Aid, American Friends Service Committee, Antioch Baptist Church, Community Ministry Christian Church, Joe Beasley, Derrick Boazman, WOAK, V103, Frank and Wanda, Pittsburgh Resurrection, the Occupy Our Homes national network, and countless others.

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In Solidarity,
Occupy Our Homes ATL