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Occupy Our Homes Victories

October 16, 2012

Homeowners, renters, and the homeless joined forces to fight the banks and reclaim our communities. All over the country, we declared that housing is a human right. We came together, occupying our homes to prevent eviction, disrupting foreclosure auctions, restoring vacant homes to community use, and protesting the banks that caused this mess in the first place. And we showed time and again that when people fought for their homes, they could win.

Here is a partial list of some of the victories of the Occupy Our Homes movement over the last year.

VICTORY: Monique White Wins Negotiation to Save Her Home!

VICTORY: Marine Veteran Bobby Hull's Home Saved from Foreclosure

VICTORY: Occupy Atlanta "Occupy Our Homes" Turning Point

Occupy Atlanta and HGEC Strike a Win for the 99%

VICTORY: With Support of Thousands, Occupy Nashville Saves 78-Year-Old Civil Rights Activist's Home

Detroit: “Victory!”- 1515 Broadway is saved

A Victory for Lesliane Bouchard

VICTORY! St. Paul Lawyer Saves Own Home from Foreclosure with Occupy Homes MN

MN: VICTORY! Formerly Homeless Suburban Couple Wins Loan Modification to Stay in Home

VICTORY!: North Minneapolis Woman Wins Home from Bank of America After Five-Year Foreclosure Battle

Atlanta: Victory! Tacco and Family Find Secure Home

11th Hour Victory! Citibank Cancels Foreclosure Auction of Minneapolis Mom’s Home; Commits to Loan Modification With Reduced Payments

VICTORY CA: Dexter Cato Gets His Home Back

MI: Eviction order against Scott Binkley has been suspended!

VICTORY: The Ward Family & Occupy Birmingham Stop a Bank of America Foreclosure

Occupy Miami: Miss Angela Samuels Eviction Victory Announcement

Victory for Steve Boudreaux!